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Senior Gala

A fun night full of food, drinks, gifts, and more for Senior to enjoy after 4 years of hard work.

Destress Dyson

A variety of events, ranging from playing with dogs to iceskating with friends, created to help students destress when they need it the most.

Dyson connects

A mentorship program, connecting current students with incoming students during the summer and continues throughout the year.

community Service

DUC members give back to the community by cleaning local parks and hosting annual food drives for local  food shelters.



20220824 Dyson Welcome Party 005.JPG


Better Business Week is a week long series, annual tradition, occurring in the month of March. This series was developed around the Dyson motto of "Our Business is A Better World." As the Dyson Undergraduate Council, we felt all students should have the opportunity to be exposed to the countless different career paths one can take while still making a lasting impact on the world. From environmental sustainability to social and corporate governance, there are so many ways to make a better world through business. We aim to give all students the opportunity to learn and explore fields through an esteemed alumni keynote speaker, knowledgeable student and alumni panels, as well as an experienced faculty roundtable.

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